Manufacturer of standard and custom-made filter elements

K2TEC Filter elements

The expertise in the field of filter fabrics allows K2TEC to offer a complete range of filter elements. These filter elements are divided into two main product families.

Standard filter elements: filter bags, filter belts and filter cartridges.

Custom-made filter elements: filter belts, special filter bags, special filters, custom-made filter elements…

This range makes it possible to meet the demands for large series spare parts with low prices and more complex industrial filtration requirements, with tailor-made products in small and medium series.

K2TEC’s range of filter elements is manufactured from the range of filter fabrics, which are precision filter fabrics, filter cloth and non-wovens.

K2TEC offers standard filter bags made of polypropylene, polyamide, polyester… which fit most industrial filter bodies, allowing filtration thresholds from 1 micron to 2000 microns.

For special requests, the manufacture of special filter bags is possible, with tailor-made dimensions, such as very small filter bags of a few centimetres, up to 20m long and with diameters greater than 2m.

Coolant filter belts for vacuum belt filters, gravity filters, pressure filters. These filter belts are equipped with a patented closure system, which allows a solid and fast installation in industrial filters.

Custom filter elements are the result of our experience in the implementation of filter fabrics. K2TEC can weld, ultrasonic weld, stitch, gleu, coat… all types of fabrics and thus manufacture a custom filter element to suit your requirements.

The range of filter elements is a broad, based on knowledge and expertise in filter fabrics and their application. We can offer standard economical filter elements as well as customised filter elements according to your specific needs.

Bande filtrante sans fin pour filtre depression

Coolant filter belts

Manufacturer of industrial filter belts for coolants, oils and emulsions in the mechanical industry. 30 years of experience in filtration.

Element filtrant sur mesure

Custom filter elements

Design and manufacture of custom-made synthetic filter elements for the automotive, medical, household appliances, acoustics, aeronautics…

Gamme de poches filtrantes

Filter bags

K2TEC manufactures filter bags for the filtration of liquids : complete range of filter bags in polypropylene felts, nylon monofilament, special fabrics…

Bande filtre pour filtre sous vide

Vacuum filter belt

Manufacturer of filters belt for vacuum filters, in the chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries.

Experience, expertise, customization for your filter element

K2TEC’s expertise is based on years of experience and a range of filter fabrics, which allow either the selection of economical standard products or the design and manufacture of custom filter elements. At each step you can rely on a quick or in-depth audit of your solid-liquid separation problem. The choice of the filter element will be made on technical but also economical criteria and K2TEC will offer the best solution for filtration and solid-liquid separation.


of filter elements


+ 35 years of experience in the manufacture of filter elements


standard or made to measure


Integrated design office

Range of filter elements

The filter bag is a well known and very common filtration element, it is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to filter industrial liquids.

K2TEC offers an extensive range of standard filter bags in monofilament, felt and multilayer, available in a variety of materials and filter ratings, with multiple combinations of sealing, support rings and manufacturing details. Also available for food processing applications.


If the standard filter bag is not able to answer the customer’s request, K2TEC manufactures custom-made filter bags which can measure from a few centimetres to several metres in diameter and length. The manufacturing capacity is almost unlimited for these special filter bags, which can be equipped with textile, plastic, steel or stainless steel reinforcements on request.


Thanks to its knowledge of the use of filter fabrics, K2TEC designs and manufactures custom filter elements for industrial filtration. Prototyping as well as small and large series production are possible. Assembly by sewing, ultrasonic welding, heat welding, integration on plastic support or molding.


K2TEC designs and manufactures filter belts, which are used for the filtration of coolants, cutting fluids and low viscosity products such as water. These filter belts can be manufactured in the K2TEC range of filter cloths. They are used all over the world for the filtration of coolants on vacuum filters, hydrostatic filters, rotary drum filters… These belts benefit from the patented CK10 closure system.


K2TEC has been manufacturing filter belts for the automotive industry since the early 1990s. Based on this experience in the manufacture of large products (up to 4 metres wide), K2TEC has expanded the manufacture of filter belts for vacuum filters. Improvements are for example DLW cloths made of polypropylene, polyester, PTFE, PVDF or Halar, which improve the efficiency and stability of the fabric, or lateral mechanical reinforcements in the form of impregnation or stitched tape, which prevent mechanical wear due to the guiding system. Finally, the installation of the vacuum filter belt, which is often a long and tedious operation, has been greatly improved thanks to the patented CK10 closure system.


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