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K2TEC industrial filters

K2TEC is a leading provider of industrial filtration solutions. Thanks to our expertise in the field, and especially in solid/liquid separation, we have developed a range of industrial filters able of responding to many industrial filtration challenges.

Our family of industrial filters has been designed to provide an optimal and cost-effective solution to the demands of industrial liquid filtration.

Our range of industrial filters can handle virtually every type of fluid plus every viscosity and includes the following devices:

  • Automatic self-cleaning stainless steel filter: our PLM filter
  • Mechanically cleaned stainless steel filter : our PLM-EVO filter
  • Bag filter housing in stainless steel: our KBF filter

Also, K2TEC offers filter skids, as well as custom developments of industrial filtration solutions.

The choice of filter depends, among other things, on the viscosity of the product to be filtered, the flow rate, filtration rating, volume and geometry of the impurities, etc.

To cover all filtration needs, our range features 4 cost-effective and energy-saving products, 6 variations and multiple customization options, thanks to our design and manufacturing capabilities.

By working with K2TEC, you will benefit from more than 35 years of experience in industrial filtration. You will be in direct contact with a French leading designer and manufacturer with whom you can discuss your filtration needs and problems, as opposed to an multinational company.

K2TEC's range of industrial filter and filtration systems

Filtre racleur automatique PLM EVO

EVO Self cleaning strainer

Self cleaning strainer with scraper and twin actuator design for the filtration of highly viscous, abrasive or sticky liquids.

Skid de filtration inox

Filter skids

Filter skids and mobile industrial filtration systems for bag filter housings and automatic self-cleaning filters.

Corps de filtre à poche inox

KBF Bag filter housings

Range of stainless steel bag filter housings. K2TEC specializes in filter vessels and filter bags, providing the best solution for liquid-solid separation.

Filtre autonettoyant à racleur pour filtration à haute viscosité

PLM Self cleaning filter

Filtration of viscous products Previous Next Made in France Automatic self-cleaning filter for viscous products The PLM automatic self-cleaning scraper filter is an industrial filter

K2TEC's expertise in industrial filters

A range of industrial filters can do nothing without the know-how to listen, advise and implement. A filtration process needs to be understood to offer the best filtration solution, as well as the most economical, energy-saving and powerful filter. Thanks to our vast experience working with installations in sectors as varied as chemicals & polymers, food & beverages, automotive, biotechnology, mechanical industry to name just a few, K2TEC will provide the optimal solution for your industrial filtration needs.


+ 35 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial filters


+ 500 filtration installations


Economical standard solutions and tailor-made solutions

Range of industrial filters

For the filtration of industrial liquids from 1 cPs to 200’000 cPs, K2TEC designs and manufactures in France the PLM automatic self-cleaning filter.

The main strengths of this industrial filter are its ability to filter high-viscosity products in a closed environment, automatically and without needing any consumables.

It is ideal for the filtration of water-based and solvent-based industrial paints, sealants, coatings of all types, glues, solvents, acids, petroleum residues, and more. The PLM filter can also be used in the food industry for products such as surimi, creams and custard, chocolates, jams, sauces, etc.


The PLM EVO filter is an evolution of our original PLM filter for the filtration of highly abrasive or high viscosity products.

To design this industrial filter, K2TEC upgraded its original device by incorporating process requirements and user feedback.


All by keeping the same features as the original PLM filter: continuous filtration and the use of a HDPE scraper for optimal cleaning. We have improved the scraping power and the access for cleaning and maintenance of the filter. The sealing system has also been redesigned for increased abrasion resistance thanks to a stuffing box designed for the filter.


Like its counterpart, it is very efficient for all industrial fluids with high viscosity and particularly for agri-food or cosmetics products.


For the filtration of industrial liquids from 1 cPs to 5’000 cPs, K2TEC recommends the KBF filter. The KBF filter is a versatile and economical stainless steel bag filter housing.

Its main strengths: a wide range of filter bags with progressive filtration ratings from 0.5 to 2000 microns and scalable flow rates from 1 to 180 m3/h. Its is highly appreciated for its ease of use and robustness in a wide range of applications.

It can be adapted to many fields such as filtration of paints and process waters, it can be used as a safety filter for water, for filtration in the agri-food or cosmetic field or fine chemicals.

K2TEC offers a line of standard filters with short delivery times, and a range of tailor-made filters.


The filtration equipment is not always dedicated to a single process or production line. It is often necessary to move the filter to the bottom of tanks, mixers, washing stations and other areas within the plant.

To meet this requirement, K2TEC proposes to place the industrial filter on a mobile skid. The mobile stainless steel skid can accommodate the entire range of PLM, PLM EVO, and KBF filters. It can also be equipped with a pump, a control cabinet or customized to your specifications.


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