Mobility in industrial filtration

Filter skid in stainless steel for automatic self-cleaning filters and bag filter housings

The filter skid is a versatile and convenient way to place the filtration unit close to the production line. The skid is mounted on wheels for easy transportation and can also be equipped with a pump and a control box.

Industrial batch production is increasingly demanding more flexibility and portability for all the equipment and resources used in the manufacturing process. As a response, K2TEC has designed a versatile and efficient filtration skid to filter industrial fluids as close as possible to the machinery used for production.

This mobile filtration system is a clever and modular device. Our filter skid is a simple, efficient, fast and clean way to filter:

  • Industrial paints & coatings,
  • Food & beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Essential oils
  • Chemicals and polymers
  • And more


Convenient and rugged, the mobile filtration unit is manufactured in France. Its stainless steel structure guarantees cleanliness and durability, even when used with corrosive products in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

The surface finish can be customized to your requirements. 304 or 316L stainless steel can pickled, passivated, beadblasted or electro-polished.

The filtration skid is equipped  with an anti-drip tray at the bottom, this keeps a neat working area when replacing filter bags or cleaning an automatic filter.

Highlights of the filter skid

The filter skid can be used for many industrial applications


can include a pump and a control box


anti-drip tray on the entire surface


mobility increases the possibilities in the use of the filter


entirely made in stainless steel

Main benefits of the stainless steel filter skid

The stainless steel filter skid is above all a means of gaining practicality. For this, it is modular in order to adapt to the needs of different industries. Thanks to its mobility, the filter can be used in several places and avoids the need to buy several fixed installations. It can also be moved to the cleaning area and saves the purchase of an expensive clean-in-place cleaning system.

Filter skid

Our engineering and design office can customize the dimensions and components to your requirements:

  • The filter skid can accommodate either a bag filter housing, an automatic self-cleaning filter or a mechanicaly cleaned filter.
  • It can also be equipped with a pump, such as a pneumatic, centrifugal or diaphragm pump.
  • A control box can also be included.
  • Standby inlets can be integrated into the skid to hang flexible pipes when not in use to prevent soiling during transportation.

A multi-purpose mobile filtration system that can be “shared”, useful for multiple products and places within a plant.

An anti-drip tray collects the waste discarded during the process of replacing the filter bags or cleaning the filter housing.  This tray can be equipped with a connection or a drain valve.

  • This mobile filtration system is manufactured with the highest quality.
  • Entirely made of stainless steel
  • Resistant to chemical attacks: even in the most demanding industrial processes, such as filtering cleaning products.
  • Built to last: Made of folded and mechanically welded stainless steel, K2TEC mobile filtration systems are designed to last over time.
  • All the elements have been designed and manufactured in France.
  • The K2TEC engineering and design department can customize the components of the skid or its dimensions according to your specifications.
  • On request, we can provide you with all the material and CE certificates for the filter skid.

Mobile filtration system with KBF bag filter housing

The KBF bag filter housing  from K2TEC is very versatile. It can be placed on a mobile filtration system to considerably increase its possibilities on an industrial site.


Mobile filtration unit with automatic self-cleaning filter

The K2TEC automatic self-cleaning filter is a mechanically cleaned filter that incorporates a scrapper. It does not require any consumables and can operate independently. Using the PLM filter on a mobile filtration unit maximizes your investment, eliminating the need to invest in a dedicated filtration system for each application. Its portability also means that it can be taken away from the working area and cleaned in an appropriate place if necessary.


Filter skid for mechanically cleaned filter

The K2TEC EVO mechanically cleaned filter has an inclined position and can also be mounted on a filter skid. This automatic self-cleaning filter can be moved and relocated for spot filtration operations (product containers that do not pass quality control for example) or for cleaning tasks.


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Applications of the filter skids

The filter skids can be used in combination with a bag filter or a self-cleaning filter… the possibilities of using the filter skid are numerous.

Paint & coatings
Chemicals & polymers
Food & beverage
Central coolant

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