Industrial Liquid Filtration for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a key player in the global economy. In recent decades, the automotive sector has undergone radical changes in vehicle design that have transformed the methods of production. Customers demand higher quality and eco-friendly products at a better value for their money.

While car manufacturers are looking to produce cars, buses, and trucks in more environmentally friendly ways.

In the world of liquid industrial filtration and filtration technologies for the automotive sector, we distinguish two main categories:

Industrial Filtration of Process Liquids in the Automotive Industry

There are a number of liquid filtration operations that need to be performed, during the manufacturing of vehicles, such as cars, buses or trucks. This focuses, more specifically,  on the industrial filtration of process fluids.

Automotive Filtration of on-board Liquids

There are many different filters in a vehicle, that tend to be overlooked or even unknown for most people, despite being essential to the operation and health of the car.

There are air filters (engine and cabin air filters) and liquid filters (oil, fuel, brake fluid, windscreen washer, etc.).

For all these filtration operations, we have a wide range of suitable filter media.

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Industrial filtration of automotive liquids

This is all the industrial liquid filtration required in the manufacturing process of a car, bus, or truck. More specifically the industrial filtration of production liquids.

Industrial filtration in the automotive industry of machining fluid, oil, cutting oil, coolants

Everyone knows the major car manufacturers in Europe: PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Fiat, Dacia …

But the biggest car manufacturers are also those of the Land of the Rising Sun: Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda…

And in the Middle Kingdom: SAIC-GM-Wuling, Chang’an Automobile, Chery Automobile, SAIC Volkswagen (SVW), Dongfeng Motor, Cumins…

Not to mention North and South American manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler…

Among the many operations involved in the manufacture of an automobile, there is one area that is not very well known by the general public: the filtration of metalworking or machining fluids.

One of the essential parts of an automobile is the engine; for all internal combustion cars, it is still built from a raw or casted metal part that needs to be machined. Metalworking or machining employs coolants and cutting fluids for the lubrication of the cutting tools. This industry employs significant volumes of machining fluids worldwide. Millions of cubic meters of lubricants are filtered every day in closed circuits and recycled.

For many years, filtration plants have been equipped with filter paper rolls. Non-woven filter media are efficient but they have a big disadvantage: they are not reusable and cannot be washed. 

K2TEC has been developing coolant filter belts or reusable filter belts since the 1990s, which are high in quality and environmentally friendly. These reusable and recyclable filter belts have created a low waste filtration, without the need for consumables. 

K2TEC is a major player in this type of technology and has a complete range of filter belts.

In automotive production, filter bags are widely used.

A filter bag can be installed in sentinel filters for the filtration of liquids such as coolants, cutting oils or paints and coatings. 

K2TEC offers standard filter bags and custom filter bags.

We can use different types of filter media to manufacture custom filter elements. The precision filter fabrics or precision mesh can easily be cut, molded or welded onto a plastic support. This product can also be shaped in different ways: cut as a disc, square or tubular element or any complex part. The filter mesh can also be pleated or used as a support for air filter media. These filter meshes can be found in fuel injection filters, AdBlue filtration, water removal in Diesel fuel, and more.

Non-woven filter fabric is mainly used for the manufacture of pleated air filters. It is also used for the manufacture of custom filter elements where it is cut into special shapes and then overmoulded or ultrasonically welded onto a specific support.

The stainless steel bag filter housing is one of the simplest, most robust and efficient filters. This bag filter is installed at the strategic points of the machining process. The bag filter allows, in case of a problem on the main filtration unit, to make sure that the filtration is done nonetheless. 

The sentinel bag filter offers a wide range of filtration ratings, from a few microns to several millimetres. The filter bags also offer the advantage of being able to change the filtration rating easily and to adjust it by simply changing the type of bag.

In addition to the manufacture of the engines, each car has a body. Whether this body is metallic, composite or aluminium, it is painted. For many years and even today, bag filter housings have been widely used for filtering automotive paints. However, it had two major disadvantages, maintenance (changing the filter bag on a regular basis) and not being environmentally friendly (tossing filter bags loaded with paint).

The slightest particle or pollutant in a car body paint is undesirable because it generates defects. Paint filtration is, therefore, an unavoidable step. For this delicate operation, we have developed filters for viscous products which are particularly suitable for the filtration of industrial car paint. The automatic, self-cleaning PLM filter does not use any consumables and provides stable, high-quality results especially in effect and metallic finishes in automotive paintwork. This mechanically cleaned filter in stainless steel is durable and environmentally friendly and provides a quick return on investment.